Our most recent event: 
A Fundraiser for the Bucks County SPCA 
and the Hunterdon Humane Animal Shelter

Thank you for making this fundraiser such a huge success. Please stop by future exhibits at SFA Gallery in Frenchtown. We would like to support this wonderful gallery, which donated their time and space for the fundraiser (try hanging over 80 delicate pastels!). Hooray! We raised $4000 for local animal shelters. 

This event was brought to you by SFA Gallery in Frenchtown, NJ, and local artists Rebecca Bachinsky, Danyelle Lala, Peyton Petty and Alexandra Rutstein

Welcome to Bunker Hill Studio!

While I still run the occasional Fine Art of Play workshop, most of the activity at Bunker Hill Studio revolves around supporting our youth and/or those in need. We are a loose amalgamation of friends, all artists in one way or another.

Our most recent project raised over $4,000 for the Bucks County SPCA and the Hunterdon Humane Animal Shelter. In the past, we have also created art work to support Fonkoze, a Haitian-run micro-finance bank serving the poorest of Haiti’s poor.

In Bucks County, we work at the local elementary schools, offer classes in the public library, or do various art projects with individuals living with chronic, severe mental illness, and/or recovering from drug or alcohol addiction.

Stay tuned for future events.

Thanks for stopping by!

Peyton Petty

P.S. You can also view my own art on this website. See the various albums. Sorry, I no longer sell my work.